Men’s Conferences

The Order of Lepanto offers a hard-hitting 1 hour talk (with live sword demonstrations) about Catholicism, faith, and martial arts that is geared specifically for men’s conferences. The talk is based on our article Deepening your faith through martial arts, but takes time to move more deeply into the concepts presented in writing. In addition to the talk, we can offer demonstrations of European martial arts and small group instruction on sword basics. We can customize our demonstrations to fit a particular audience, location, or time frame if needed. If you are interested in booking us for a men’s conference, please send your request to:

Group Name: The Order of Lepanto – DFW Study Group

Contact: Michael Roth


Special Requirements: High ceilings (no less than 10 ft., 12 ft. or higher preferred), minimum 20×20 ft. area for demonstrations and instruction (if desired)


Display Table                                                              Live Instruction

conference tablelive instruction

                                                Speaking about spiritual combat